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Early 2015 I became a mummy. As many fellow mummas and mummas to be know, this is a beautiful but sometimes scary journey. Apart from the sleep deprivation, sore body parts, the realisation that YOU are in charge of this tiny new little human there is also the concern as to how you are going to be able to raise a child who is happy, self confident and resiliant in this incredible and ever changing world we live in.
This was one worry that I could not shift from my mind (which by the way is completley natural!) My husband and I spent a lot of time reflecting on our own lives as we both had difficult upbringings and alot of negative experiences.
One thing we want to be able to instil in her is that SHE. IS. ENOUGH. Just her. She is capable of being, doing and wanting anything in this life. We want to be able to show her how beautiful and amazing this life can be, even beyond the turmoil and pain it can cause. We want to be able to show her to face the negative with a positive attitude. We want her to explore and experience and learn. 
These desires for her are a life long commitment, sometimes we will get it right and  sometimes we won't, but if you believe and have the courage to start anything is possible.
So we decided to start with simple affirmations that we could display in her room so that she knows she is never alone and remind her of something positive.
I started by creating my 'You are so loved' banner and it just exploded from there. 
Of course having caught the entrepreneurial bug from my dear husband. I decided to start to sell them as well and share the love around, besides - I have way to many ideas to keep for ourselves!
So please enjoy looking through my collection of banners that I have created for both young or old (and maybe even purchasing one or two for your own!) Everyone can use a bit of love and kindness in there life and I hope you are able to share a bit of it around in yours.
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